Alon Mor

As a little boy, I used to spin round and round and make noises while waving my hands back and forth in the air. My family called it "explosions". They couldn't quite get why I was doing that, so they just laughed and let me continue without asking too many questions. They figured it must be a passing phase. I remember them always asking me: "Alon, will you still be making explosions when you’re twenty?" And I replied, "Yes". Looking for a way to retrieve the focus.

I remember what those "explosions" were. It was my imagination, expressing what was in my head in the most liberated way I could come up with. I would run in circles, making sounds, as I conjured up music, stories, and abstract things in my mind. I would think, pretend, imagine, and let thoughts run wild.

In fact, I have never stopped making "explosions".
The only difference is that today, everyone can hear them.

Lands of Delight | 2019

1. Dawn Fall
2. Echoes Follow
3. Vertigo Queen
4. Neolithic Fantasies
5. Flame Devourer
6. Crimson Summit
7. Prosperity of All Humankind

Long Awaited Journey | 2017

1. El Despertar
2. Mania
3. Presudeos
4. Encore
5. Holly's Necklace
6. Late Night Skyline
7. Early Morning Winds
8. The Midelar
9. Tyche's Singing
10. Los Recuerdos
11. Halpfire Harmonies

Masters of the Human Imagination | 2015

1. Calculating Revolution
2. Praise Our Kings
3. Full Square
4. Beyond Stars
5. Awaiting Midnight
6. Scattered Clouds
7. Graphic Rain
8. Kolor
9. Bugged
10. Barbarian
11. Catharsis Will Never Come
12. Jimmy's House
13. Nothing Ends
14. Half an Hour to Breakdown
15. Releasing the Handcuffs

Associative Delusions (EP) | 2016

1. Low Sugar
2. Vacom
3. Stories We've Made
4. Manual
5. Saccharine

Natural Beheres (EP) | 2015

1. Ephemeran Drift
2. Juice for Mel
3. Grypt 

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